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August 2015

Tips to Sell Womens Watches (Luxury)

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Tips to Sell Womens Watches (Luxury)

The market for pre-owned watches is rapidly becoming popular and competitive. Like most jewelry items, a ladies watch will normally lose a high percentage of its worth once it has been bought. What makes women’s watches different is that they are extremely collectible, so you might find that an incredibly expensive, limited edition or antique women’s watch might fetch a price. In case you own a Carrier or Rolex ladies watch which you are planning to sell, here are some valuable tips for success.

Do a Proper Research
Prior to selling your women’s watches, you will require having thorough information on the item and its market value. First, call the watchmaker to ask any particular detail that may be based on the product serial number (normally located on the back of the watches or the box) and have it appraised. If there is no a reliable dealer in your place, then use a price guide book to make a benchmark value. You can use an online auction website to get a sense of what individuals are really paying for the product currently. Utilize both the existing auction listings and the long history to acquire a sense of the trends. Pay close attention to the characteristics and qualities that might cause one piece to sell for relatively higher than average.

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Have Sensible Expectations
The market for women’s watches is extremely unpredictable. It will fall and rise with the fads and the economy. Also, diverse individuals will value similar pieces and extensively diverse prices for diverse reasons. Women’s watches that sell for higher prices have normally found a buyer who has an exceptional connection with that specific piece. Maybe it completes a part of his or her collection or substitutes a watch that was lost. It might have a sentimental value to a deceased loved one or a special place. As a result, they might be more willing to pay a high price for the piece than a potential buyer who doesn’t have similar connections.

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While there are lots of guides for successfully selling women’s watches, understanding who to sell the women’s watch or who to trade it to is not something that could be taught easily. Once you don’t have the patience and time to know the market, you might need to consider using a 3rd party to sell your valuable piece. Boston Jewelry and Loan, the leading pawnbroker in Boston, is here to help you sell your women’s watches fast and easy. They offer the fastest turnaround and at the same time give the best chances of getting a high amount for your timepiece.

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