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7 Tips to Buying Wedding Jewelry

By July 21, 2015News

Buying wedding jewelry is a big purchase and one that should be undertaken with forethought and research. It can be tough to find the perfect ring that fits your budget and that your partner will love and cherish but with a bit of planning you can find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Buying Wedding Jewelry

Buying Wedding Jewelry

Set Your Budget

Before you visit Boston Jewelry & Loan it is wise to set your budget. No ring or relationship is worth going into deep debt. Be realistic about what you can afford. Sometimes salespeople will press you and try to make you spend more than you should. A long-time rule (established by the diamond industry) is a budget equal to two months’ salary. This is a good figure to use a savings guide but take your personal situation into account. Make sure that if you are buying on credit you will be able to afford the monthly payments without affecting your regular monthly financial obligations.

Determine Your Partner’s Style

Buying a diamond engagement or wedding ring requires a lot of different decisions from the size, color, cut and clarity of the diamond to the type of setting-platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or sterling silver and the style of the setting. Pay attention to the jewelry and specifically the types of rings your partner wears. Ask questions about the type of engagement ring your partner has always dreamt about having. Having a good idea about the style ring and the size stone your partner dreams about gives you a good place to begin your hunt. Some couples prefer to shop together which ensures your partner will get a ring she loves.

Solitaire or pave Diamond Bands

If total carat weight is important you might want to look at bands set with tiny diamonds that add up to 1 carat or more instead of buying a diamond solitaire because 1 carat of diamonds provides great sparkle and can cost up to 90% less than a ring with a 1 carat solitaire stone.

Gold Wedding Bands

Gold Wedding Bands

Pre-set or Custom

Many jewelers provide pre-set diamond engagement rings. Generally there is a broad selection of rings but the diamonds may or may not have the cut, clarity and color you want. You may want to choose your own diamond and setting and have it custom set. Often times you can get a better deal if you choose your own diamond.

Learning the 4 C’s

Plan to do a little homework so you understand the 4 C’s (Carat weight, Color, Cut, and Clarity) of diamond buying before you set foot in a jewelry store. Although a jeweller will explain all the terms and let you examine stones with a jeweler’s loop you will save time and your shopping trip will be more productive if you have a better idea of what you are looking for before you start.

Once you decide on a carat weight and cut for the diamond you will want a diamond with high color and cut. Often you can save a little money by going with a stone that has a lower clarity rating (more inclusions) because small inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

Framing Your Diamond

It is important to compare how your diamond will look in different settings. How the diamond is €framed€ can have a huge impact on the way it looks. For example using a yellow gold setting with a stone that has more color can make the stone look yellow instead of clear. Settings that use a bezel, a thin band of metal around the stone itself can make the diamond look bigger.

Insure Your Ring

Once you have made a decision to buy a ring make sure it comes with a full appraisal for insurance purposes. A diamond engagement ring or wedding ring is a big investment and you should protect it from loss, theft, or damage with insurance.

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