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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Antique Jewelry

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry BuyerDid you know… antique jewelry is jewelry that’s at least 100 years old?

If you own a piece like this (oh, lucky one!) or if you’re interested in getting one, this little guide is for you:

How To Buy Antique Jewelry:

  1. Find an antique jewelry buyer and/or seller whose reputation is rock solid. This is non-negotiable!
  2. Train your eye to look for flaws when inspecting the condition of the piece. Ask any questions you might have and remember to enquire about any existing documents.
  3. Know your eras and know what you’re looking for. Or at. (Doing extensive research beforehand helps.)
  4. The price point must be realistic. If it’s too cheap, it’s probably a fake.
  5. Remember: a piece in good condition will hold its value for years to come. If, at any point in the future, you decide to sell it, the antique jewelry buyer will be able to offer you a very good price for it.

Which brings us to this…

How To Care For Antique Jewelry:

  1. Avoid wearing it when practicing sports and when lifting or pulling things, as it might get bent. Watch out for rings, particularly.
  2. Clean only with a soft textile or polishing cloth. Don’t get any chemicals or substances involved and do not immerse in water.
  3. Fold in an anti-tarnish cloth if the item goes into long-term storage.
  4. Always store it in a cool and clean place, away from direct sun and moisture. Your future antique jewelry buyer will thank you! Make sure the pieces don’t mix or touch each other, as they might get destroyed over time.
  5. If you wear make-up or if you decide to apply a finishing mist of hairspray, avoid getting any of it on your antique jewelry. If you do, wipe it off immediately with a cloth.

Antique Jewelry Buyer
If you are set on parting with some of your jewelry pieces, go to a reputable antique jewelry buyer, preferably in a physical location.

Selling online can be quite treacherous, so steer clear of scammy web transactions, especially if you have no previous experience as a seller.

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