7 Tips to Buying Wedding Jewelry

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Buying wedding jewelry is a big purchase and one that should be undertaken with forethought and research. It can be tough to find the perfect ring that fits your budget and that your partner will love and cherish but with a bit of planning you can find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Buying Wedding Jewelry

Buying Wedding Jewelry

Set Your Budget

Before you visit Boston Jewelry & Loan it is wise to set your budget. No ring or relationship is worth going into deep debt. Be realistic about what you can afford. Sometimes salespeople will press you and try to make you spend more than you should. A long-time rule (established by the diamond industry) is a budget equal to two months’ salary. This is a good figure to use a savings guide but take your personal situation into account. Make sure that if you are buying on credit you will be able to afford the monthly payments without affecting your regular monthly financial obligations.

Determine Your Partner’s Style

Buying a diamond engagement or wedding ring requires a lot of different decisions from the size, color, cut and clarity of the diamond to the type of setting-platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or sterling silver and the style of the setting. Pay attention to the jewelry and specifically the types of rings your partner wears. Ask questions about the type of engagement ring your partner has always dreamt about having. Having a good idea about the style ring and the size stone your partner dreams about gives you a good place to begin your hunt. Some couples prefer to shop together which ensures your partner will get a ring she loves.

Solitaire or pave Diamond Bands

If total carat weight is important you might want to look at bands set with tiny diamonds that add up to 1 carat or more instead of buying a diamond solitaire because 1 carat of diamonds provides great sparkle and can cost up to 90% less than a ring with a 1 carat solitaire stone.

Gold Wedding Bands

Gold Wedding Bands

Pre-set or Custom

Many jewelers provide pre-set diamond engagement rings. Generally there is a broad selection of rings but the diamonds may or may not have the cut, clarity and color you want. You may want to choose your own diamond and setting and have it custom set. Often times you can get a better deal if you choose your own diamond.

Learning the 4 C’s

Plan to do a little homework so you understand the 4 C’s (Carat weight, Color, Cut, and Clarity) of diamond buying before you set foot in a jewelry store. Although a jeweller will explain all the terms and let you examine stones with a jeweler’s loop you will save time and your shopping trip will be more productive if you have a better idea of what you are looking for before you start.

Once you decide on a carat weight and cut for the diamond you will want a diamond with high color and cut. Often you can save a little money by going with a stone that has a lower clarity rating (more inclusions) because small inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

Framing Your Diamond

It is important to compare how your diamond will look in different settings. How the diamond is €framed€ can have a huge impact on the way it looks. For example using a yellow gold setting with a stone that has more color can make the stone look yellow instead of clear. Settings that use a bezel, a thin band of metal around the stone itself can make the diamond look bigger.

Insure Your Ring

Once you have made a decision to buy a ring make sure it comes with a full appraisal for insurance purposes. A diamond engagement ring or wedding ring is a big investment and you should protect it from loss, theft, or damage with insurance.

Sell Gold in Boston

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I’m not talking about offering the family silver (or in this case gold) or selling your engagement and wedding rings to a person who names his personal price below industry amount after which sells them on at an enormous gain for himself.

The key is, gold is always said to be gold at any stage, even when it is powdered or jewelry. It has its very own intrinsic worth and that value is regulated by industry forces and is published day-to-day which means you know precisely what your gold is really worth.

Sell Gold in Boston

Sell Gold in Boston

It doesn’t make a difference in case your gold is contained within some hideous bit of jewelry that you simply wouldn’t be observed dead wearing, or if it is within a damaged gold bracelet or gold necklace which you can’t wear any much more. The gold could be from awful seventies cufflinks, antique jewelry or even from gold teeth. Regardless of – there are men and women around who’ll purchase your gold at the marketplace rate and due to the fact gold is this kind of a vaunted commodity it really is effortless to achieve the very best cost for your gold.

Boston Jewelry & Loan is a family-run business of over 30 years and happy customers across Boston and the east coast.
In a time where an unstable economic climate and an unsure financial future dominates most people’s minds, promoting previous jewelry and undesirable gold can develop into a funds generating venture. Many people are obtaining previous jewelry boxes and rummaging through their basements and attics and discovering dollars and cents were previously they only found parts of jewelry that happen to be reminiscent with the 1980s and gaudy parts that they cannot believe at any time graced their body. Promoting these parts turns into the most effective option.

Gold Bullions

Gold Bullions

Boston Jewelry & Loan is one among the best pawnbroker agencies in Boston who are well known for their trustworthiness and also the highest payable agency for your precious golds and diamonds. We take all types of jewelry for good cash return. We have been in the industry since 1972 and have got much experience in buying and selling gold, silver and diamond jewelry. Our service is just one step away. All you need to do is just give us a call.

Tips to Sell Antique Jewelry in Boston

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Tips for Sell Antique Jewelry in Boston, MA

Now, you can really make money through selling your old or unwanted jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and earrings to a local jewelry store. The prices for metal are some of the highest in history, so selling your old and unwanted jewelry is the best choice to make some additional cash. The pawnbroker is, now more than ever, purchasing old and unwanted jewelry to create new pieces for their inventory. In case you have any bracelets, rings or any jewelry you don’t wear anymore, you may need to consider selling it to a reliable buyer to benefit from the high metal costs.

Useful Tips for Selling Old and Unwanted Jewelry
This is perhaps a large amount of jewelry that, at present, is taking up space in your jewelry box or closet. Through utilizing these tips for selling old and unwanted jewelry, you can turn those things into cash. You no longer need to sift into many items to get the jewelry you really want to keep.

The first step is to know what kind of jewelry you have. You can determine the karat insignia on the clasp of a bracelet and necklaces, in the inner section of the rings and on the posts of the earrings. Gold karats boost value from 10, 14, 18 as well as karats. The higher the karat is, the higher the cost that will be offered to you.

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Next, you must take time to device the individual pieces into different piles. It all depends on the type of karat. If one of those jewelries has gems or precious stone, you may need to consider getting rid of them prior to selling them or include the stone, but make sure the value is right. On the other hand, some believe that selling them separately or reusing them in a custom piece is the best choice.

Get The Most If You Sell Your Old and Unwanted Jewelry For Cash
• Just deal with a reputable and established pawnbroker.
• Ensure they provide satisfaction guarantee. When you are not totally pleased, you must have you pieces returned right away.
• Read reports and reviews about selling old and unwanted jewelries and get suggestions from those who have already done so.
• Ensure the business you are dealing with is certified with BBB or Better Business Bureau and don’t have so much complains filed against them.
• You have to make sure that the pawnbroker has wide experience in great estate buying and estate appraisals.

Sell Antique Jewelry in Boston

There is extra money that you can get from old and unused jewelry. Those that employ tips for selling old and unused jewelry will have the edge required to make the most funds possible.

If you are planning to getting rid of your old and unwanted jewelry, then you must carefully read these selling tips for selling old and unused jewelry. Anyone could gain from utilizing these tips for selling your pieces and it will allow you to make the most money possible.

Tips to Sell Gemstone Jewelry in Boston

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Tips to Sell Gemstone Jewelry in Boston

There are lots of tips for selling gemstone jewelry that can help you in obtaining the best terms for your jewelry items. You will also realize that tips for selling gemstone jewelry will give you a successful and positive selling experience and the right value you deserve.
Don’t just walk in and visit a jewelry store carrying with you your old gemstone jewelry and give it to the staff and wait for the money. You will appear hopeless for money and they will give you an extremely low cost on your pieces. Rather than walking to a jewelry store, why not try with a pawnbroker?

What is a Pawnbroker?
The same as a real estate broker that caters houses when you want one or a loan broker or insurance broker who will give insurance as you need, a pawnbroker will provide you with the needed amount in cash for your precious jewelry.

Essential Tips for Selling Your Gemstone Jewelry
One of the most excellent tips that can be utilized in selling your gemstone is to conduct sufficient study in order to choose the best gemstone buyer. After looking at yellow pages directory and major search engine, you will see diverse kinds of buyers. These take account of pawn shops, jewelry stores as well as online gemstone buyers. A reliable pawnbroker will give the best quotes as well as fast service.

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Cash for Gemstone Complaints
Tips for selling gemstone jewelry also include visiting the BBB or Better Business Bureau website and checking for some complaints. This organization could give you some important information on a gemstone buyer. You’ll be capable of seeing their complaint background and the rating as well. Choosing a pawnbroker that is accredited is a smart option because they have met firm guidelines of honesty.

Sell Gemstone Jewelry in Boston

A satisfaction warranty is also very vital in selling your jewelry. These policies ensure a flourishing transaction because the pawnbroker or the company is willing to go over and further for you. They have an established track record which involves trustworthiness.

The process of selling your gemstone is relatively easy. With all these tips for selling your gemstone jewelry, you will be capable of finding or locating and selecting the best buyer for your gemstone jewelry and getting its maximum value.

Want to know where to sell your gemstone jewelry? Visit now. Call the company for a free quote or come to their store in downtown Boston. Here, you will get the best possible deal for your gemstone and other kinds of jewelry.

Tips to Sell Engagement Rings in Boston

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Tips for Selling Engagement Rings

For once in your life, you have the chance of getting something which really significant to you such as engagement rings and bracelets. However, there are sudden things that occurred and eventually led to letting go. It might have a broken promise or financial issues. Now, to make it valuable, you should just sell the engagement ring.

What do you need to remember when trying to sell a ring?

Below are the tips to help you get started.
• Have your engagement ring assessed by our jewelers to know the price range. Have our expert check the condition and size of your ring. This will let you have an idea on the exact amount of your ring the moment you sell it.
• When there are damages, have the engagement ring fixed and get it sanitized or cleaned. Keep in mind that if you sell your ring, it is always best to look its best so that other people will be capable of appreciating its splendor just like you do.
• Have the document for your ring ready. Buyers will surely request a document and showing decent papers will certainly give you chance of selling it.
• Ensure to give verifiable information such as your contact number and name. This will certainly be required if you are selling something particularly like your engagement rings. The details that you provide will be the solitary way for potential buyers to call you, so ensure it is reachable and you’re ready to answer it. It will irritate your buyers when they cannot reach you and you’ll lose potential customers.

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Sell Engagement Rings in Boston

These are only some reminders if you decided to sell your engagement ring. Try what really works best for you. The fast and new way to make cash is through selling your engagement ring. Anyone could move on and forget the times of pain through selling the ring, but make sure to sell it to a reliable and certified pawnbroker in order to get the value you deserve for your ring.

Tips to Sell Mens Watches (Luxury)

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Tips For Selling Men Luxury Watches

There are lots of vintage and designer pieces that you could sell and one of these things that you could sell to earn a significant amount is a luxury watch. This is extremely precious and expensive since it is made from a valuable metal. Today, there are lots of individuals who search for vintage men’s luxury watches to add to their collection. You want to sell your men’s luxury watches fast. Be it Rolex, Breitling, Omega or Tag Heuer, you have to follow these tips.

Here are the tips you need to sell mens watches
You need to know that so as for you to trade your watch. You should know a couple of things regarding that piece as it will make it more fascinating. You can tell the buyers the story behind the luxury watch. For sure, this will spark some curiosity.

Know the Value of your Luxury Watch
It’s never bad to get income from sale, but you have to keep in mind that you need to price your men’s watch consequently. Try to study the value of your watch so that you will be capable of selling it properly and appropriately.

There are lots of ways on how to sell your men’s luxury watches. On the other hand, one of the most effective and reliable means available is through selling it to our pawnbrokers. Come in today for a free no-hassle quote of your watch. Always keep in mind that some luxury watches are made of gold and silver, which are considered the most valuable metal and you could sell it for cash. Try to visit our reliable pawnbroker in order to get the most value of your men’s luxury watches.

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Sell Men's Watches in Boston

Selling men’s luxury watches is easy if you only know the right things to do. Ensure that it is still in proper condition so that you could sell it easy and fast. A luxury watch is an excellent accessory that a lot of people will always treasure.

For those who are planning to sell their men’s luxury watches, it’s good to know that there are lots of choices available. On the other hand, the most excellent place to sell your watches to get the most value for its price is at Boston Jewelry & Loan. You can submit the information of your men’s luxury watch to get a free quote.

The Modern-Day Gold Buyer Rush in Boston

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Many Boston investors are anxious to join what is known as the “modern-day gold rush” as the increasing price of gold and other precious metals over the past decade has driven the desire to own them. Before you join the rush, you should be aware of a few relative facts.

For a gold buyer, the primary form in which the purchase is made is in bullion. Bullion refers to gold and silver bars or coins, such as the American Eagle. Other precious metals can be purchased in bullion as well. During times of economic uncertainty in Boston and across the country, many investors consider gold and silver bullion to be a great investment, as it is protected against inflation or hyperinflation.

Experts have categorized the current economy as one going through a precious metals phase with the number of gold coins sold up 82% over last year. One factor driving up the price of gold is demand. With this unsettled economy, many investors are looking to protect their assets by purchasing bullion. As a result, the supply is going down while the demand continues to rise – the classic Keynesian formula for increased prices.

If you’ve invested in gold or silver bullion, and are looking to sell in Boston, there are a few additional things you want to consider to protect both yourself and your assets.

First, check out the dealer to whom you are choosing to sell. In the bullion market, scams are unfortunately quite common. Counterfeit, fraud, theft and robbery have been reported during the purchase or sale of bullion. Keep your privacy, and don’t openly discuss if you have invested in bullion, particularly if you have your assets stored at home. It is highly advisable to keep any and all assets in a safety deposit box.

The second thing to keep in mind is the speed at which you are looking to sell. While there are many online buyers of bullion, the process can be more time consuming. Look local and you can liquidate much quicker, allowing you to invest your payout into other investments faster.

As bullion is considered currency, a currency exchange rate will be incurred. Dealers will charge a “cost of conversion” which ranges between 2 to 6%. This cost is standard and should be taken into account when predicting your total cash out.

If you own bullion or coins, and are looking to sell, Bromfield Jewelers in Boston is a certified, reliable, and reputable dealer that you can trust with your investment.

Top 3 Tips to Pawn your Jewelry in Boston

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It’s a startling statistic that a third of all Americans do not have savings set aside for emergencies. Fortunately, there are options to get you out of a bind should the one arise. Local pawnshops like Boston Jewelry and Loan are licensed lenders that can help you get cash fast! No credit check required! All you need is a valid ID and a Social Security number.

Outside of a pawnshop, there are very few places to receive a quick, small loan. The option to pawn allows you to receive fast cash, without parting with your pawned item. This is known as a collateral loan. The pawnshop gives you cash in return for your item, and once you repay the loan with interest, you get the item back!

Jewelry is one of the most popularly pawned items. From wedding rings to watches to heirloom jewelry, pawnshops like Boston Jewelry and Loan will appraise your item and give you cash on the spot! But there are a few things to know about pawning jewelry, should you choose to do so.

Tip #1: Don’t expect jewelry store prices. Whether pawning or selling, know that you can expect a maximum of 75% of market value for an item in prime condition.

Tip #2: Know as much as you can about your item. Having original packaging or paperwork is ideal. But if you don’t have these, knowing other specifics is crucial. You want to know what type of metal it is and what stones, if any, are a part of your piece. This will help the appraiser know the value of your item so they can offer a fair price.

Tip #3: Repay the loan ASAP. Not only will fast repayment yield less accrued interest, but knowing that you are a reliable customer can result in a higher payout for any needed future loans. When pawnbrokers can trust that you are going to repay the loan quickly, they’re more likely to lend a higher amount.

Following these tips will help in your overall pawnshop experience.  The more that you know, the better you will understand the workings of Boston Jewelry and Loan.

Speaking of more to know, be aware that you also have the option to sell your item outright, which will give you instant cash without the burden of payback and interest.

If you’re looking for an instant cash payout or a collateral loan, visit us at Boston Jewelry and Loan today for a professional appraisal and fair compensation.

The Real Boston Pawnbroker – Reality Show vs. Reality

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What do you picture when you think of a “Boston Pawnbroker?” If you’re like many Americans, you picture one of two things; reality star Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars or the seedy undertaker from A Christmas Carol. While we are all guilty of letting outside factors influence our perceptions, it’s important to know fact from fallacy, as well as what you should do when it comes to visiting a Boston pawn shop.

Not all pawnshops are created equal. Choose wisely and protect your valueables by doing your research first. Know what your item is worth, both retail and wholesale prices. Don’t forget to take the condition of your item into account. It’s also a good idea to check out online auction sites such as eBay, to see the relative value of your item. This step will prevent you from being taken advantage of when you go to pawn or sell your item.

That being said, rest assured that there are professional, fair, and established businesses out there that thrive on a positive customer reputation as we do here at Boston Jewelry & Loan.  It can be a hard decision to part with a valuable item, but the offer of instant cash can be priceless. Certified, professional pawnbrokers aren’t looking to make money off of your misfortune – they’re looking to help you! This can be a win-win situation for everyone, and offering fair and reasonable prices can establish that.

Know if you’re looking to pawn or sell your item. When pawning, you are trading your item as collateral, and the pawn broker gives you a cash loan – in the approximate amount your item is worth. You are required to pay back the loan amount, plus interest, and your item will be returned to you as it was delivered. The benefit to this is that you get to keep your item. If you need cash and have something valuable that you are not ready to part with, this may be the best option for you. However, if you have things lying around that you don’t need or use anymore, selling may make more sense. Typically selling your item outright will return a higher payout.

Knowing the reality of pawnshops and what to expect will make your pawn shop experience a smooth one. To receive a great pawnshop experience, look no further! Visit us at Boston Jewelry & Loan!