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Fall Specials run through October 31st!

Sell your Jewelry

…and receive an extra 20% on ALL quotes

before Halloween Night!

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Before Halloween Night, get an additional 20% when you sell gold, diamonds, silver, or jewelry (sell gold jewelry, sell gold estate jewelry, sell broken and scrap gold, or sell gold bullion) with Boston Jewelry & Loan. We’ll give you a custom quote for your piece, and then you can add another 20% on top of that quote. Selling your gold is simple and now is the time to get the most cash for it. Fill out the form on the right or visit our store at 53 Bromfield Street in Downtown Boston.

Sell gold the right way. Here at Boston Jewelry & Loan – our family has been buying and selling gold to people just like you for 42 years. That’s right, we have been the go-to resource in Boston to sell gold since 1972. Come on in and introduce yourself. We always give free quotes for your gold.

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