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How To Get Your Used Jewelry Squeaky Clean

By June 21, 2016News

How To Get Your Used Jewelry Squeaky Clean (& Sell It Faster!)

Sell Used JewelryYou’ve made up your mind: you’re going to sell the used jewelry that you don’t wear anymore.

That’s great, except… are you sure it’s ready to be sold as-is?

A freshly-cleaned piece will shine brighter than a neglected one and, in exchange, it will fetch you the best possible price!

Here’s how to clean your jewelry at home:

1. How To Clean Silver And Gold

Ready to sell used jewelry that is made exclusively from silver or gold?

Get a small bowl, fill it with warm water and dip your jewelry. (Never clean it straight under a jet of running water – small pieces may fall down the drain!)

Add just a few drops of dish soap or any other gentle soap and allow the jewelry to soak for a while. Then gently rub your fingers against the dirt to scrub it off. Rinse and pat dry with a fresh cloth or allow to air dry. Hang necklaces or bracelets to allow the water to drip out by itself.

2. How To Clean Jewelry With Gemstones

If you want to sell used jewelry that is adorned with gemstones, then you have to make sure the sparklers are, well… sparkling!

First, some words of caution. If your jewelry has glued-on pieces or has soft stones (like amber), do not dip or scrub. Just wipe the stone with a moist cloth and with a dry one, alternatively.

Otherwise, you can proceed with the exact same method as above: dip in lukewarm, soapy water. Allow the dirt to dissolve and use a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub off any stubborn grime.

Sell Used Jewelry

3. How To Clean Other Precious Jewelry

Finally, when it comes to cleaning precious heirlooms, antique or estate jewelry, here’s a good rule of thumb: if in doubt, don’t take the DIY route! Sometimes, it’s better to take the jewelry to a professional cleaner instead of risking to damage it right before the big sale.

Remember: if you want to sell used jewelry and get top dollar for it, it’s never a good idea to clean it using chemical dips, acetone, baking soda, chlorine or toothpaste. All these substances can permanently damage or chip your jewelry.

Now that your jewelry is squeaky-clean, you can confidently take it in for an appraisal. Excited to sell used jewelry? We at Boston Jewelry & Loan are dedicated to giving you the best price for your pieces and our licensed and bonded appraisers are ready to make you an instant offer. Pop into our Downtown Boston store today!

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