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How You’re Losing Money By Not Selling Your Designer Watch

By June 14, 2016News

How You’re Losing Money By Not Selling Your Designer Watch (& What You Could Buy Instead)

sell-watch-boston Here’s what: holding on to a watch you’re not exactly planning on wearing anytime soon is bad business.

Bad business for who?

For you, of course!

Think about it: you could easily sell your watch and, with the new funds, you could indulge in some fresh accessories.

1. Sell Watch In Boston And… Become An Expert At Layering Vintage Rings

But not just ANY vintage rings! The rarer, the better: large, ornate and adorned with precious gemstones, an enviable stack of rings can become both a man’s or a woman’s statement accessory of choice. Have fun mixing and matching!

2. Sell Watch In Boston And… Amass An Impressive Collection Of Summer Earrings Instead

Summer is the best season to wear the boldest designs you can get your hands on! After all, there are no thick hats or scarves to hide them. Geometric earrings with natural textures are big right now, as are the twisted designs and over-the-top, gem-happy designs.

And if you’re a man? Don’t hold back! Go for studs or even for grungier designs like safety pins made of precious metals.

3. Sell Watch In Boston And… Invest In Diamond Jewelry

Hunting for valuable diamond jewelry is fun in itself. The possibilities! The thrill of the chase! The alluring prospects! The best part of it, though? Any jewelry piece that boasts a diamond will preserve its value over the years. Solid.


4. Sell Watch In Boston And… Get A Different One

Unintuitive? Maybe! But why not take the leap and go for it? After all, if you can do without this timepiece, it must mean that it’s not the ideal one for you. And, if you don’t find yourself with an urgent need for cold, hard cash, giving your passion for valuable watches one more shot might be just the thing to do.

5. Sell Watch In Boston And… Reinvest The Money

If you love jewelry and watches, but you’re not crazy about any of the fantasy scenarios above, here’s a more down-to-earth option: reinvest your dollars in something you’re passionate about.

Maybe it’s your best friend’s business.

Maybe it’s your own new start-up.

Or maybe you just want to spend it all on something urgent.

Whatever your plan may be, we at Boston Jewelry & Loan will help you discover the true value of your timepiece. We are a family-run jewelry store with over 30 years in the neighborhood and we welcome any type of fine watches: vintage, designer, you name it! Stop by our Downtown Boston location today and let us see what we can do for you.

Visit us in Downtown Boston and sell your designer watch today!

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